The mission of BASE United is to advocate for the sensible deregulation of BASE jumping in National Parks and on other public land.

BASE United is an unincorporated association and was founded by Chet Boyce in 2021.  Chet served eleven years in the United States Marine Corps as an attack helicopter pilot and started BASE jumping in his free time while on active duty.  While BASE United started as a project for an Outdoor Industry MBA program at the Western Colorado University, it has continued to grow from there.  

This site is intended to be an information gathering place for anyone interested in BASE jumping deregulation.  Much of the information on past attempts is scattered across the internet or in peoples' personal files.  By consolidating as much information as possible, BASEunited.org can educate anyone new to the subject, chronicle past and current efforts, and help us learn from our mistakes.  BASE deregulation is a marathon, not a sprint.  

If you have information, stories, etc. that would be useful on this site, please contact us!