While the main mission of BASE United is to advocate for the deregulation of BASE jumping in national parks, educating our fellow jumpers is always a good thing.  The links below provide education on safety, training, history, etc.  If there are any books, websites, training courses, etc. that you think should be added here, please contact us via the button, above.  (BASE United does not have a financial stake in any of the following resources.  We have either used them, or heard good things about them.)

Training Courses:

Johnny Utah

His nickname is right out of Point Break and he teaches First Jump Courses (FJCs) at the Perrine Bridge in Idaho, or at Bridge Day in West Virginia.

Snake River BASE

Run by Tom Aiello, they provide both FJCs and advanced training out of their home base in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Guided experiences and training are also available in the country.

Twin Falls BASE

Another provider at the Perrine Bridge providing FJCs and other training.

Sean Chuma 

Sean is one of the few people in the world to do tandem BASE jumps.  HE also provides FJCs, advanced, and private training in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Miles Daisher 

The record holder for most unassisted jumps in 24 hours (63, to be exact) also runs FJC and advanced training in Twin Falls, Idaho.  


LTBJ - Learn to BASE Jump

Chris McDougall runs FJC and advanced training in the US, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, and more.  


Next Level

Provides BASE FJCs, wingsuit, and wingsuit BASE training around the world.


In addition to manufacturing gear, Apex runs FJCs and advanced training in Twin Falls, Idaho and Europe.


The Great Book of BASE

This is an excellent book by Matt Gerdes.  Read it, then read it again.  It's in its second edition and provides the reader with a lot of info on the technical side of BASE jumping.  


An entertaining read about Jevto Dedijer, the author, in the early days of the sport.


This short, entertaining read chronicles the BASE adventures of the author, Simon Jakeman.  

The Parachute and its Pilot

A technical book by Brian Germain on the aerodynamics and flight characteristics of modern, ram-air parachutes.

Confessions of an Idiot

Chris McDougall talks about the highs and lows of his experiences in BASE jumping in this well reviewed book.


The BASE Fatality List (BFL)

If you are going to BASE jump, you should be painfully aware that it is not a safe sport.  Read through the BFL.  Learn from other jumpers' mistakes so you don't make them yourself.

A BASE jumping web forum with some good information, some ok information, and a bunch of opinions.  There is a section with articles written by jumpers with history, gear advice, training info, etc.  It's still an active forum, unlike an older forum, Blinc Magazine.  Always take info you found online and bounce it off an experienced jumper before taking it to heart. 

Leave No Trace

This isn't a BASE website, but if you're jumping in the backcounty, learn to recreate responsibly and help give BASE jumpers a good reputations.  Their motto is, "take only pictures, leave only footprints."  

Wilderness Medical Associates International

Accidents and injuries are a reality in this sport.  Being ready in the event you hurt yourself or a fellow jumper is injured may save a life.  This is just one of many places where medical training is available.  You never know when you'll need it


Sunshine Superman

This documentary digs into the early days of BASE jumping with the sport's modern founder, Carl Boenish, and his love of freefall cinemaphotography.  The acronym, his death, and interviews with his wife show how the sport has grown. 

Valley Uprising

This documentary chronicles the past several decades of rock climbing in the Yosemite Valley.  While it only touches on BASE jumping, a lot of parallels can be seen between the early days of climbing in the valley and the current fight BASE jumpers are experiencing.